Cool Roof

Why You Want a Roof that stays Cooler

  1. Lower Utility Bills: PG&E expects a typical home will experience a reduction of 10% to 20% in air conditioning-related energy consumption.
  2. Lower Energy Costs During Peak Periods: this roof will help you save on high energy costs during peak “time-of-metering” demand periods.
  3. Cool Roof Rebates: PG&E and DWP Rebate Programs rebate you as much as $.20 per square foot of installation.
  4. A Longer-Lasting Roof: Protects your roof underlayment by reducing heat stress which can cause premature failure. Your roof will last longer.
An illustration how green roofing can help your roof stay cool
A bar graph comparing 3 types of roofing and their heat gain

What makes a Cool Roof different then a normal roof?

Cool Roofs don’t “heat up” like other types of roofs. That’s because it has two properties non-rated roofs do not: they reflect the sun better and dissipate heat more efficiently.


  1. High Solar Reflectance: the ability to reflect solar energy rather than convert that energy to heat. Authentic rated clay roof tiles reflect up to 53% of the sun’s solar energy. By comparison, asphalt shingles reflect less than 10% of the sun’s energy.
  2. High Thermal Emittance: the ability to give off heat rather than absorb and hold it. Cool Roof tile products perform better than most products on the market today and have a thermal emittance of up to 86%.

Additional Benefits of a Clay Roof versus other Non-Clay Products

  1. Heat Flux: Cool Roof products deliver 36% less ceiling heat fluctuation than concrete tile. Minimizing dramatic swings in ceiling temperatures saves energy and reduces strain placed on your home cooling systems, especially during expensive peak periods.
  2. Concrete Holds Heat: Cool Roof products absorb less heat and releases the heat faster than asphalt shingles and concrete tile for greater energy efficiency.