1. Besides randomly cold-calling contractors on a phone book, how would you recommend I go about starting my new roofing project?

It’s very important that you the homeowner contract with a licensed bonded fully insured roofing contractor that includes liability insurance and workman’s compensation. To check out this and other information on any prospective roofing contractor you can go to www.cslb.ca.gov.

2. What advice would you give a homeowner who’s thinking about doing a re-roof project for the very first time?

Hire a contractor that can really prove to you that he and his crew are competent to do your roof. Ask for referrals of other homeowners that have re-roofed with the contractor you are thinking of working with. Also make sure the contractor is familiar with the particular product you are selecting.

3. When is the right time to decide if I need a new roof?

When you notice the existing roofing material starting to show its age or obviously notice a leak. If you have a wood shake roof then you should be aware of curled, splitting shakes that are looking weathered or not holding the nail very well. If your roof is an asphalt composition roof then look for lost granules or curling shingles. It is imperative to have your roof inspected by a trained professional/ roofing contractor.

4. Where should I go to get educated on the re-roofing process?

Some roofing manufacturers have great websites that help assist you in product and color selection of materials but also educate you on the actual re-roofing experience. The right roofing contractor will be a great asset in letting you in on the different steps of the roofing process and answering your questions.

5. Why should I get involved and understand the roofing material options that I have? Shouldn’t I trust contractors to do that for me?

You should be as educated as possible on the different options you have so you feel comfortable with your selection. Some roofing contractors might only know how to do one type of roofing and not show you the many possibilities that are out there. Ask a lot of questions to see if your contractor knows the product well enough.

6. How do I know if I’m looking at a repair, partial or complete roofing replacement project?

The only way to know for sure is to have a reputable roofing contractor fully inspect your roof and give you his feedback.

7. Why have people selected Lansford Roofing Inc. in the past?

It starts with our own professional crew that is qualified to work on you roof with years of experience. They are highly trained in numerous roofing systems and have a clean, efficient way of installing your new roof. Homeowners have responded positively to Lansford Roofing Inc. because of the professional follow-through and attention to detail that we bring to each job.

8. What sets Lansford Roofing Inc. apart from its competitors?

Lansford Roofing Inc. has a remarkable record of homeowner satisfaction that is directly related to its ability to deliver a high-quality roofing system. The homeowner will be made fully aware of the re-roofing process and will have a close working relationship with me, the owner, Robert Lansford. With numerous referrals and recommendations in the community of existing customers, we hope to earn the opportunity to assist you with your roofing needs and list you as one of our many satisfied customers.