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Do you need a highly-trained roofer for your San Marino home?

We get it – finding a reliable roofer in the San Marino area can sound like a daunting errand. With so many choices in the area, how do you know which roofer to hire? Luckily, our work speaks for ourselves at Lansford Roofing. With great reviews across YelpAngie’s List and even the BBB, Lansford Roofing is the smart choice for all your roof repair needs.

How do you know when your roof needs some attention?

Not all roofers and roofs are created equal. Some materials age more quickly than others and will require attention sooner than others. Generally, be on the lookout for:

  • Shakes that are curling, splitting or have become loose.
  • Shingles that curl or have lost their asphalt composition.
  • Leaks of any kind, particularly on the interior of your home.

However, it is always the smarter choice to contact a licensed professional roofer to find out exactly what your roof repair needs are.

What kind of roof problems can Lansford Roofing help you with?

Don’t let a small problem with your roof turn into a huge headache!

Address any concerns or problems with your roof quickly and accurately with the help of a licensed professional contractor. Your roof is too important to handle your own or to leave in the risky hands of an amateur!

Roof repairs and replacements done by Lansford Roofing are done right the first time, with our customer’s complete satisfaction in mind. Contact us early on and we will work together to prevent further damage.

What kind of materials does Lansford Roofing use?

We source a variety of high-quality materials and work with the leaders in the industry to provide you with the best option for your needs. From green roofs to cedar shingles, we offer such products as:

And much more! Plus, you can rest assured that we are on top of innovations in materials and can offer you the cutting-edge of roofing products at all times.

Why choose the roofers at Lansford Roofing?

  • We pride ourselves on our work and relationship to our community.
  • Our crews are made up highly trained and experienced roofers who have outstanding attention to detail.
  • Robert Lansford, the founder and owner of Lansford Roofing, is on hand to answer any questions at every step of the process.
  • We want our customers to be as educated as possible about their options.
  • We proudly serve the San Gabriel Valley.
  • We aim to earn 100% customer satisfaction, one job at a time.

Smart homeowners all across the San Marino area have made us their #1 choice for all their roofing needs. Contact us today to see how we can help!